4 Ways to Love Your Child

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Without a doubt, most mothers love their children. There are those who have never received love from their mothers, you might even be one of such people. But this is not the majority, most mothers (including you reading this), love their children. However many of us have trouble showing this love and we end up with children who believe that their moms do not love them. You are trying your best and God sees your heart.

There are many ways to love your child, but these four must be constant in your interaction with your children.

Ways to love your child

1. Accept your child for who he is

This is one issue many children have…they believe that their parents would have loved them more if they were like some other person’s children. Many times we fail to show acceptance because we have these hopes and dreams for our children and we want them to be better than we are. This is wonderful because your children should be greater than you. However, you need to be careful so that you are not actually pressing on your children, your own personal hopes and dreams.

It is not rare to see someone who wanted to become a lawyer but was unable to, begin to push their child to the legal profession regardless of that child’s personal preference.

Accept that your child has her own hopes and dreams and never, EVER compare her with other children. She is unique.

ways to love your child


2. Get to know them

Spend time with your children. Listen to your children when they talk and play with them. Playing with your children is the quickest way to get to know who they are. You are aware of their strengths and weaknesses; their fears and hopes. When you know your children, then you can guide them to make decisions that are best for them – not for you or for their brothers, but for that child.

3. Always discipline in love

We usually see two extremes when it comes to discipline. Those that discipline instinctively and are always shouting on, or hitting their children, and those that shy away from discipline.

But discipline should always be out of love. You need to set rules and boundaries and let the children know what happens when they break a rule or cross a boundary. If you find that you are really angry, send the child to his room until you calm down. NEVER discipline out of anger.

The purpose of discipline is to help the child to grow up into a responsible adult with the ability to tell right from wrong. It is not to vent your anger.

4 ways to love your children

4. Understand that you are only a caretaker

Understand that God has a purpose for your child and you are here as a guide to help the child fulfil destiny. You do not own your child. So ask for guidance from God. Ask for wisdom on how to raise this child and also pray for your children.

There are several ways to love your child, and you will do your best, but at the end of the day, it is God who will help the child become what and who he or she should be.



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