5 Gifts for HER this Christmas

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This is for the men in the house and ladies, feel free to forward this article to your men. For those of you who really want to get something special (and maybe affordable?) but you’re not really sure where to begin, we would like you to know that we have your back. If you have waited till the last minute to get any gifts for her, don’t panic. We have a list of 5 gifts for her from our favourite online shops.


 Luxury Fashion Wrist Watch

Even though it seems like wrist watches are not necessary anymore, they make a great addition to the accessory ensemble. Actually, the right wrist watch can be the ultimate accessory. Once more I’m partial in color choice, be sure to pick out that special one for HER. This watch I found on Jumia, or you could check out this one from Konga for only N5,800.

luxury fashion wrist watch










6in1 leather handbag

Not 1 but 6 handbags. Okay guys, you know how a woman just can’t seem to go anywhere without a handbag and how she changes them because things just have to match? Well, this is a serious matter for most women and it is one area where you can rarely go wrong. So step our of the norm and surprise her with not one, but SIX handbags in one single package! Get it on Jumia.com.

vision-fill-6in1 leather handbag











Most women have an attachment to jewelry and when it is beautiful jewelry…well let’s just say that she will show you how much she loves it in several different ways. This crystal-rhinestone jewelry set is the perfect gift for her and sure to put a huge smile on her face. Seriously, we are smiling just putting this out here for you to see. You can get this and a whole collection of other jewelry sets on Konga.com ranging from N3,000 to N23,000










Honey EDP 100 ml Perfume Set for HER

The chances that your woman will adore a gift of perfume are very high as most women simply love perfumes. It is a gift for you too as this set can add to the sweet memories that both of you make.  A wide choice is available at Perfumery and online stores.









Galaxy S5 Black

If you want to hear a resounding “It is a lie!” or “Seriously!” then this is it. This is the high end gift for making a statement. Want to splash some cash on your favourite person, then this is the way to go. Of course, this isn’t for everyone as the price is just below 80, 000.









I do hope that our list of gifts for her helped you in making a decision. The caveats here for colored items; know what she would like. Go with neutral colours if in doubt. Enjoy the results! 🙂

If you are looking for a special gift for the special man in your life, you might want to read our post on gifts for him.





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