6 Tips for Getting Fussy Eaters to Eat: Toddlers Corner

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Most toddlers are known to be fussy when it comes to eating solid food, they pick on foods and most times you would have to dance around the house with them before they finish a particular food.

Here are a few ways we can make eating more interesting for our toddlers:

 1. Eat as a family

Watching other members of the family eat may encourage your toddler to want to eat; you can turn off the television during meal times to avoid distractions.

 2. Encourage your toddler to try everything on their plate

Praise them for taking a bite of an unfamiliar food, this may serve as encouragement and may make them eat better but expecting a clean plate of food is probably unrealistic.

3. Limit Snacks

Giving toddlers snacks before mealtimes can make it difficult for your child to want to eat solid foods, limit the intake of snacks and alternate it with healthy and nutritious meals.

4. Do not Focus on the fussiness

Toddlers love attention and most of them pretend not to want to eat because they are seeking the attention of a parent or family member. Giving your child a lot of attention for their fussy eating habits could turn food refusal into a habit.

5. Provide Your Child with Choices

Providing your toddler with different choices of meals can help a fussy eater want to try out new meals. You can make the food look attractive to gain their attention.

6. Do not give up

Do not give up on trying just keep offering small amounts of new food alongside more familiar foods. One day your child may just surprise you! Observe the particular  meal  they enjoy eating and give to them.






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