Boomerang Episode 4: A radio drama

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Alhaji Hassan Ahmadu is the chief financier of the political party and he has long enjoyed the privileged status of being able to determine who becomes a political appointee; he practically chose the Governor and got him elected single-handedly … at least that is what he says every opportunity he’s got. But now things are not so rosy because Governor Tunde is determined to stamp out corruption and in the process, weeded out all Alhaji Hassan’s appointees in his cabinet reshuffle. This infuriates the Alhaji, whose close aid suggests that maybe it is time to get rid of Governor Tunde. Permanently.

Alhaji Hassan’s son from his ex-wife comes to visit. Nasiru has lived abroad most of his life, but with elections close by, he’s come home to get involved in the process. The 20 year old has high ideals, which his more experienced father terms “youthful exuberance.”

We see a play here between the old and new dispensation and to some extent, the society depicted in this drama is similar to ours in Nigeria. But that’s just our opinion; let’s know what you think.

Listen below:

This is a production of the Africa Radio Drama Association (ARDA) for the Voice of America







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