After 23 Years of Waiting, a BABY is Born to Former Nigerian Minister and Wife

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Abah Baby

[dropcaps round=”no”]W[/dropcaps]aiting for the fruit of the womb is one of the hardest challenges a couple can face and this couple waited for 23 years. After trying several options, including IVF repeatedly, Margaret and Humphrey Abah were finally given the miracle of a baby.

Mrs. Abah is a lawyer and also a successful banker. She has worked in the banking industry for close to 27 years and is also a career woman and a housewife to her husband. Her story is an inspirational one and she granted an interview to Punch where she talked about her journey so far. On her reaction when she discovered she was pregnant, this was what she had to say –

When they told me I was pregnant, I screamed and cried in the hospital and everyone present rose up and gave thanks to the Lord. Since then, the story has been one testimony after another. But that was not all, when I was to put to bed, I was told there might be complications as a result of all the operations I had done. They said that might make it a very difficult and dangerous birth. Yet, the Lord saw me through. It feels great and I thank the Lord for wiping away my tears and making me a mother at last. It is a dream I have had since I married at the age of 27. Now, I am more than 49 years old, it has taken a long time but the Lord has done it for me. I have shed a lot of tears. Our story is like that of Abraham and Sarah. I am already in menopause  but I told God that if He did it for Sarah and gave her womb the strength to conceive, then He would give my womb the same strength. Even when doctors in London told me in 2011 that nothing could be done, I knew that it is only Him (the Lord) that could help me. I focused on the Lord and He did it for me.

Click here to read the entire interview on Punch.


[dropcaps round=”no”]W[/dropcaps]atching the happy couple during the baby dedication, which was aired on NTA Newsline, their joy was profound and those present rejoiced with them; we could not help but wish them well. When asked what her message was to other women who were also waiting for the fruit of the womb, she admonished all those who were waiting to NOT give up, but to keep trusting God that he will do it.

What we at Naija Housewives got from her speech was that it is possible to wait effectively.

We wish the happy couple and their new baby joy, abundant peace and prosperity.


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