An Interview with Oluwakemi Adekunle of Figure 3 Concepts

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Oluwakemi Adekunle always knew she wanted to be an interior decorator and when she finally took the plunge and went into business for herself, it was exciting and scary. That was several years ago and the experience has been an exhilarating one. If you don’t take anything else out of this interview, one important thing to note is this:

If you have a day job, don’t quit to go into business for yourself. Moonlight first.

This means that you should keep your day job and work on your business after work hours. Do this until your business can pay you a monthly salary that you can live on. The interview is below.

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Could you tell us about you – your family and educational background, and anything else you would like us to know?

Am the last born in a family of seven including my parents. Have a B.Sc in Computer Technology from Babcock University and a MBA from Business School Of Netherlands.


Tell us about your business

Figure 3 Concepts Limited is a mobile online store for exotic home decor accessories and hoping to expand into one stop home shop in the near future.

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Did you always know you would be an entrepreneur? What was the deciding factor for you?

As a young child, I played a lot with my hands like making hair, baking, cooking but was not encouraged as the sole aim of my parents was good education. As the last born, I noticed I was always helping my siblings out with their bedding, curtains and the likes – I also did this for my parents.

So I decided to take it a step further in 2008. Actually I started with bedding then swung into interior décor which included window blinds, curtains, and general interior. However, I was working then and still working now. For my interior job, I always had to go shopping at Iponri. In 2011, corporate jobs started coming in and was clashing with my office job. So I had to stop interiors and then I went fully into the sales of home decor accessories.


Why interior décor; what attracted you to this niche?

Like I said earlier, noticed I was helping out with anything interiors…so I decided to turn my passion into a business venture.


How do you sell your stuff since you don’t have a shop?

I sell majorly via BBM and other social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. However, I am working on my website presently and should go LIVE this year.


Where and how did you meet your husband?

Traffic…I actually bashed his Well, he actually bashed my car and I was furious. However, he was calm and willing to effect repairs. it was during the week, we both had to rush to get to work so we exchanged numbers. I ignored his pleas to repair my car but he kept on calling and with his persistence we stated dating.

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How supportive has he been of your entrepreneurial pursuits?

Very supportive. In fact we are both in the business. We work together.


What do you mean by you work together? Does he source for clients or do deliveries? Does he take orders? 

In the areas of advisory, product selection, shipping & bank transactions we are together. I really don’t like my husband helping out with deliveries, however he helps especially when it’s a long his route occasionally. He also sources for clients and puts up adverts on ‎his social media pages


How do you juggle all this with your family; how do you achieve balance?

It has not been easy. Mostly I sleep late so I can do as much as possible.


Take us through a typical day in your life.

Office work from morning to evening. After work am online till I get home. Attend to home chores and resume back online


What advice do you have for a woman in another part of the country who wants to start an interior décor business like yours?

Due to my experience in a developmental financially institution, my advice is follow your passion….then carve a niche for yourself. All businesses come with their challenges. Only your passion which will eventually lead to dedication and focus can see you through.




Do you have anything to say to us?

Women are to be inspired and empowered. Naija housewives is contributing it own quota in achieving that.


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Figure 3 Concepts Ltd


Phone: 08034040846, 08085058279




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