Basic Nutrition for Kids

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[media-credit id=1 align=”aligncenter” width=”640″]image[/media-credit]Good nutrition is very important for a child’s intelligence, brain development and growth and also in preventing several disease conditions. Eating an adequate diet also boosts the body’s immunity and gives strength to fight against infections.

How do you ensure that your child is getting all the nutrients he/she needs for optimal growth and development? Here is a simple guide to planning your children’s meals. The plan includes Four Basic and important food groups, with a 5th group that should be used sparingly or enjoyed as treats

Group 1

Carbohydrates: Breads, Cereals, Potato, Yam etc

Group 2

Fruits and Vegetables

Group 3

Milk and Dairy foods

Group 4

Protein: Beans , Meat, fish and other alternatives

Group 5

The 5th Group includes foods containing sugar and fat e.g. biscuits, soft drinks, chocolates.


The 4 groups contain all the essential nutrients your child needs. Give your children foods from EACH of the 4 basic groups DAILY. Aim for variety within each group e.g. not eating the same fruits every day. Spice things up and make them colorful.





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Dr. Gbemi Leigh

Dr. Gbemisola Leigh is a medical doctor with a passion to empower people with knowledge and skills to live a healthy life. She writes on health issues on her facebook page and blog, Plain Health Talk

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