Beauty: Manicure Tips

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It is important for women to take adequate care of themselves, you really do not have to wait for a special occasion before you look good. With regards to that, i am going to share with you some simple and quick manicure tips .

What you need:

  1. Nail cutter
  2. Buffer
  3. Cuticle trimmer
  4. Nail file
  5. Nail remover
  6. Nail polish
  7. Moisturizer
  8. Cotton wool
  9. Nail brush
  10. Lukewarm water and Soap


  • Use a nail cutter to trim your nails, be careful when doing this so you do not cut your flesh in the process
  • Gently use a nail file in filing your nails to the desire shape you want it to be
  • Cut extra cuticle off, using a cuticle trimmer
  • Buffer your nails with the nail buffer to smooth-en the surface and edges of the nails
  • Soak your fingernails in a lukewarm water for about 15 to 20 minutes
  • While the nails are in water, you can use a nail brush for the top of the nails to remove dirt
  • Rinse with a clean water and pat dry
  • Moisturize your hands, focusing mainly on the fingernails

You are done with your manicure.

To proceed to polishing your nails if need be, below are steps to take:

  • After rinsing your nails with clean water, do not moisturize them. Because some nail  polish do not stay on moisturized nails
  • Add the base of the nail polish * in Nigeria, it is called nail hardener*
  • Add the first coat of nail polish
  • Allow for some minutes, in order for it to get dry
  • Add the second coat of nail polish
  • Allow it to get dry also
  • Finally add your transparent nail polish (nail hardener).

See you next week for more Beauty Tips.




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