An Insane Man Kills Two Girls Aged 2 and 12 Years

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Mother and Child

Going through the papers we found this news item particularly disturbing. An old man apparently became mad and began wielding a knife. He injured a number of people and killed two girls in the process. This all happened in Bauchi State of Nigeria.

It’s not hard to imagine the way the mothers of those girls would be feeling right now. One of them was just 2 years old and the other girl was 12 years old! They still had lots of life in front of them; who knows, with all the attention given to stopping child marriage and increasing the education of girls, maybe they could have grown up to be professionals and added value to themselves, their families and their communities. Instead they ended up at the wrong side of a man man’s knife.

According to the news item, a two-month old baby was also attacked (her throat was slit), but she survived.

We need to keep praying for our children. We will all do our best to keep them safe but terrible things happen and at the end of the day, it is only God that can assure us of safety.


This story was on Page 7 of Vanguard Monday, September 22, 2014



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