Eco Lodges in Africa that You Should Visit

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December is just around the corner and most people are thinking of where to go for the holidays. Africa has always been a fantastic place to explore and if you want to try a bit of ecotourism, then these eco lodges in Africa will give you some of the best experiences ever.


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Eco lodges are the current trend in the travel industry. The interest in ecotourism has grown rapidly and more people are after the experience. They are fun, relaxing and are designed to have the least impact on the natural environment. If you love nature and environmentally friendly accommodation, you definitely should try any of these eco lodges in Africa.



Eco Lodges in Africa you should definitely visit


Venda Village Lodge, South Africa

Right in the thick of the Lesheba wilderness reserve, this is one of the more popular eco lodges in Africa an it’s part of an authentic traditional village in South Africa recreated by international artist, Noria Mabasa. This beautiful lodge has an indoor and outdoor fire place, wireless internet and is powered by solar.

Best of all, it has an awesome game reserve where you can go on a hike and actually walk among the animals. The experience is surreal! And when you are done with a hectic walk, there is the sweet relief from a massage.

eco lodges: venda-village-lodge

eco lodges in Africa - venda village lodge

eco lodges - venda village giraffe



Chole Mjini, Tanzania

If you love adventure and you love water, then you will really like Chole Mjini. It is in a beautiful place in Tanzania called Mafia Island Marine Park. But this is strictly for nature lovers. The lodge house is a tree house that has one ground house and six wooden houses. There’s a garden shower and a deep water anchorage for divers. If you intend to visit one of the eco lodges in Africa, you should add this to your list.

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Zaina Lodge, Ghana

Nestled in the middle of the Mole National Park in Ghana, this eco lodge is like living in a slice of heaven. The lodge is built where Elephants come to drink water so the view is gorgeous! You can go on a safari in a custom built jeep to see the animals in the reserve. The infinity pool is simply luxurious and the rooms are just divine. This is the first eco lodge in West Africa. If you have a short break and need to get away to somewhere close by, Zaina lodge is the place to go.

Zaina lodge poolside

eco lodges in Africa: Zaina lodge

Eco lodges West Africa Zaina





Etendeka Mountain Camp, Namibia

In northern Namibia lies a mountain camp that is rich in nature and serenity. This eco-camp is at the foot of the moutain and provides a great opportunity to take in the clean mountain air and see the wild animals. Etendeka mountain camp is an eco lodge so the accommodation is basic, but very comfortable. You can go on hikes and sunset safaris. Look out for the outdoor bucket showers, they seem to be a huge favourite.

eco lodges etendeka mountain camp

eco lodges etendeka

Etendeka mountain camp - eco lodges in Africa




Delta Camp, Botswana

This is a beautiful place to visit in the heart of the Okavango Delta. The views are amazing and you get your own private guide for the daily walking safaris. And if you love a trip on the river, the home-grown guides are there for you. What is unique about this lodge is that the chalets are slightly elevated like tree houses and they make use of natural resources in construction. So if you visit Delta camp, you won’t fine glass on any window and you might actually see parts of a tree growing in your bedroom. It is quite an lodges in Africa - Delta lodge - coral lifestyle magazineeco lodges in Africa - Delta lodge - coral lifestyle magazine

eco lodge delta camp botswana




Which of these eco lodges will you visit?


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