Life Coaches: What Are They and How Can They Help

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Congratulations to those of you who are at the point of your lives where everything is going on perfectly and even far above what you imagined.  Congratulations because not everyone has a life as yours, some are struggling to make ends meet, for some everything they try doing ends up backfiring or not working at all.

In developed countries people going through difficult times go to life coaches for guidance and also for advice. I bit you didn’t know we have life coaches in Nigeria as well? Few of such people are Lanre Olusola of Eden lifestyle, Modupe Wigwe who recently founded the Peak Performance Training Academy in Nigeria and a host of others.

Life coaches are also called Catalyst because they bring about change.

What Are Life Coaches?

People mistake life coaches for therapists; they are almost similar but differ in so many ways. For instance, a life coach takes clients to high levels of performance and life satisfaction while therapists seek to bring clients from a dysfunctional state to a healthy functioning state.

Life coaches have learned strategies on how to explore new options and keep make life fresh and enjoyable, so they share these tools and techniques to their clients on how enhance their lives.

There are life coaches that teach parents how to become better parents, while others teach women how to become better wives to their husbands and mothers to their children, for some they teach on how one can develop her business. You can find a life coach for almost any niche of life.

How Can They Help?

Life coaches through their own experiences, experiences with individuals they have worked with, coursework etc they stand a chance at giving adequate advice and support were necessary when they are contacted.

A lot of women are going through traumatic situations in their homes and they have no one to talk with, some are at the verge of walking out of their marriage, but when they get in touch with these life coaches they begin to see a new dimension in their marriages. Life coaches have helped a lot of people in saving marriages, business and in making people who never believed in themselves to start believing in themselves,

Most of us are reluctant to think outside the box.Â’ A coach can help you to see possibilities you may not have considered before. They also give you a boost of self-confidence as they mentor you through different processes designed to identify what you want to change or enhance about your life.

I am sure a good number of us remember and miss Chaz B, he was a life coach whose specialty was transforming the lives of people, both the old and young loved him and always looked forward to hearing his voice on radio.

In Africa, we often die with a heavy heart because we have no one to trust to share our problems with, we are scared of being judged by our loved ones and friends if they know the issues we face, We therefore go to sleep with a heavy heart, pretend and walk on the road like all is fine, meanwhile we are going through grave situations.

A problem half shared is half solved. If you are in the situation and you have no one to talk to or trust, you can seek the help of a life coach.



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