Fashion Just Got Sustainable

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As with many facets of our life, fashion is taking a greater interest in the environment and trying to be more sustainable. Eco-fashionistas are now able to walk into most high street stores to discover rail upon rail of greener garments. These are pieces of clothing that are made using more sustainable materials or recycled fabrics and fibers. By lessening the industry’s impact on the environment, the fashion world is forging a better name for itself rather than being dogged by claims of animal testing and fur coats. Take a look at the most exciting sustainable fashion ranges on the market today.


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Ethical Lingerie


Companies like Luva Huva have begun hand making lingerie that has more eco-credentials than you can shake a stick at. Garments are only made as the orders are taken meaning that there is less stock hanging around and less wastage. They also recycle vintage pieces and utilize offcuts and remnants that would otherwise be thrown in landfill. This ‘reuse’ mentality makes the company a leader in sustainable lingerie that uses the finest organic cotton, hemp and bamboo.


Bamboo Socks


You may think of bamboo as the hollow sticks that pandas chomp through for hours on end and you wouldn’t be wrong. However, bamboo has many more uses. Because bamboo is rife, hugely sustainable and not under environmental threat in any way, it makes sense to utilize this material within clothing. One of its most popular uses is within socks. The fibers from the plant are spun into a soft yarn. Being 100% biodegradable, super warm and full of antibacterial qualities, bamboo socks are something of a luxury item, making them the perfect Christmas stocking filler.


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Mink collared coats and fox fur lined jackets are very much frowned upon in this day and age. Breeding an animal purely to dress us in the finest attire leaves a sour taste in many people’s mouths. Instead, why not opt for the faux fur look? Sustainable and fashionable, you can wear a range of en vogue fur vest outfits without going anywhere near an animal. There is very little difference in look, style and feel and you’re still able to wear quality attire.




Many of our clothes are produced away from our shores. India, Taiwan and China make up the bulk of our cheaper clothing. As these garments are cheap, the people producing them also receive a smaller and often unfair wage. However, if you branch into the world of organic dresses, tunics and shirts, you may find yourself supporting an industry that pays their workers a fairer wage and supports organic cotton farmers in the poorest nations.


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It’s more than possible in the twenty-first century to take a principled stand, support sustainable fashion and still strive to be adorned in a range of stylish and unique outfits. By supporting the more eco-friendly fashion world, you are promoting a moral standpoint and helping the rest of the industry take note.


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