How to get your small kitchen looking 5 Star

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Organizing your small kitchen

There is one thing that drives most women crazy and that’s a small kitchen. What we can’t understand is why a home will have two large sitting rooms and then a cubicle of a kitchen? They say the kitchen is the engine room of a home; it’s where everyone expects their food to come from. So is it too much to ask that the kitchen be sizable? We don’t think it is. But anyhow, if you have a small kitchen, reading this rant is not going to change the size; we know that. However, no matter how small your kitchen is, you can do a LOT with it and organize it in a way that it will contain all your stuff (cooker and fridge inclusive) without giving you that cluttered feel.

Use shelving creatively


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Forget about those regulation shelves that are more like cupboards; those ones have a way of taking up space without really doing much for your organizing or aesthetically. Look for ways you can increase your shelves and partition them if you have to. If you can do this, remove the kitchen cabinet doors for a more spacious feeling. If you are renting, make sure it’s okay with the Landlord or do it in a way that you can easily replace the doors if you have to, nobody wants Landlord wahala.

Make use of space

The top of your fridge can serve very well for several purposes. Depending on the size of the fridge, it can hold your cookbooks (you can use a couple of bookends to wedge the books). You can place a breakfast basket on the fridge, which will hold your cereal, sugar, powdered milk, coffee, tea, etc.

Use your walls


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Walls are cool for hanging paintings or picture frames (and if you don’t have any in your kitchen, try adding one, it will make a lot of difference), but you can do more with your walls. Think of adding a rack for your mugs or a few well-placed nails for your pots and pans.

Keep your counters clutter free

Keep your kitchen counters free of clutter so that your kitchen looks spacious and welcoming. If you have a microwave, you could place it on top of your fridge or on a low level shelf. Same with your electric kettle, your toaster and all the myriad things we love to place on our counters. Your counter is for working so keep it work ready. Also keep it clean and remember to wipe down each time you’re done cooking.

Use different types of racks

Racks are your best friend, so don’t be shy. Use them very well. There are racks for your spices, for mugs, for your cookbooks and all kinds of things. Place them strategically around your kitchen and watch as more space opens up for you.

If you want to get really creative with your small kitchen and you’re looking for ideas on how best to organize and decorate it, these websites provide lots of great information on how you can do that:



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