DIY Love: I hear you…

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You’re listening to what the other person is saying…you are nodding and even replying their questions, BUT can you really hear what they’re saying?

When you truly listen to a person, you’re not just listening to the words they’re saying; there’s also the message in that person’s eye and the body language. Have you ever heard the expression “What are you not saying?”

One of the reasons we often miss what the other person is really saying is because we are in a hurry to speak ourselves. Before that person is done speaking, we’re already crafting our own response. Sometimes, you’re just waiting for that person to finish whatever she’s saying so that you can tell your own story.

Not taking the time to hear what your spouse is saying can bring about misunderstanding, misconceptions, and feelings of neglect.

To help you listen, when your partner speaks, tell her, “I hear you,” and really mean it.

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