Is Blood Really Thicker? ~ Neighbours Episode 11

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We are back in the town of Sarabi and Mr. Zico is moving out of his house to another place. Mr. Bawa the landlord has Mr zico is moving out, the landlord Mr Bawa has decided to renege on his promise to Zita. Her uncle is coming to Sarabi and has nowhere to stay so they had agreed that Mr. Bawa would rent out the house to him. That was until Mr. Bawa discovered that Zita’s uncle is a man from the Chwa-Chwa tribe. He then decides that he will rent the flat out to a Yangalla man instead. But things don’t go the way he expects and Mr. Bawa is taught a valuable lesson on tribalism and why we should judge people on character and not tribe.

Listen to this episode and let’s know what you think.





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