Neighbours Episode 2


Hi everyone, welcome to Episode 2 of Neighbours. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you can find Episode 1 here.

This Episode shows the deep seated prejudice which Zinta’s father holds against a particular tribe; this is causing heartache for her because the man Zinta is in love with and wants to get married to is from that tribe. She tells her father, and as is expected, things don’t go very well.

Listening to this episode, one thing that stands out clearly is how ridiculous and unfounded the prejudice is against this particular tribe. Then again, thinking about it, every form of bias and prejudice is ridiculous. People who refuse to marry from a certain tribe, or who hold a great dislike for another could give you reasons to justify their actions and belief; but hating an entire group of people because of what one person did; or using the personal faults of one person to classify a people is nothing short of insane, no matter how good the reasons sound.

In this Episode of Neighbours, Zinta’s father has to confront his prejudice. Whether he will get over it and allow Zinta to be with the man she loves is something you’ll have to find out yourself. Listen to this drama by clicking the PLAY button below.

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