No More Bad Hair Days – Solving Your Common Hair Concerns

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Everyone has days where their hair lets them down, but do you ever feel like your life is just one permanent bad hair day? No matter what your hair hang-up – oily hair, fine hair, hair that’s hard to manage, there are things you can do to fix it. Say goodbye to bad hair days and learn to solve your common hair concerns.


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Problem: You have frizzy hair

Solution: Choose the right conditioning products

Frizzy hair can be difficult to tame, and no matter how much time you put into styling it, it can feel like a losing battle. Frizzy hair benefits from moisture, so when it comes to picking your shampoo and conditioner, look for formulas that are nourishing and won’t dry your hair out further. Every so often you might want to skip the shampoo altogether and instead just use water and a good conditioner. There are some great products to tackle frizzy hair that can help define curls and leave hair looking smooth and shiny. Look for products suited to your hair type and don’t over-style your hair.


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Problem: You have oily hair

Solution: Switch up your haircare routine

Oily hair can be caused by several factors from hormones to touching your head too often. Try eliminating different causes and see if they have any effect on your hair’s condition. With hair that’s oily, you’ll want to use a good clarifying shampoo to help strip your hair of any build up, while only applying conditioner to the ends of your hair. If you struggle to make it a couple of days without washing your hair, you could always try using some baby powder or dry shampoo.


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Problem: You have fine hair

Solution: Use some volumizing products

It can be difficult to create volume in fine hair, making it look lifeless and flat. Having the right products can help you to create some texture and give your hair a boost at the roots, giving it a much fuller appearance. You can read more about the best volumizing products for your hair to make sure you pick the best ones for your hair type. Hair powders are particularly useful for creating some volume and texture, and backcombing or adding in some curls can also help to create the illusion of fullness.


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Problem: You’re bored of your hairstyle

Solution: Change it up

It can be easy to stick to the same hairstyle for years on end, particularly if you’re always on the go and haven’t got much time to style your hair. A change of style can be a great thing; it can make you look younger, flatter your face as well as make it easier to style in the mornings. Give your hair a mini makeover and treat yourself to a stylish new ‘do that will give you and inject new life into your hair.


Dealing with problem hair is never easy, but there is plenty of advice out there to help you. Ask your stylist or check out YouTube for some great ideas on how to manage your hair problems so that you can say goodbye to those bad hair days for good.


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