Prayer for Wisdom – 30 Days Prayers for Your Family Day 9

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Dear God, please bless my family with your wisdom. Show us the right way to go and give us insight into our daily affairs. Help us to understand that not everyone should be a close companion. Bless me with wisdom so I can raise my children right. Bless my children with wisdom to choose the right friends and please bless my husband with wisdom to steer our family in the right direction. Amen.


prayer for wisdom

Without wisdom we are like a rudderless ship, just going where the wind blows with no particular direction. True wisdom can only come from God. Of course there is some form of wisdom that comes from life’s experiences, but there are those who have experienced life, but have not learned anything from it.

Pray that God will help you learn all the lessons that you are supposed to learn this year so that you will move forward with your life. Pray also that you will not have to repeat any painful lesson from 2015, but that you will gain wisdom from all that you have gone through.

Ask God to give your family wisdom in every aspect of your life: financial wisdom, relational wisdom, but most importantly, ask for Godly wisdom.

Wisdom will save you from traps that the evil one sets for you. It will keep you from making unwise investments and save you from scammers. Wisdom comes with discernment and understanding. Ask God to pour out his wisdom on you and on every member of your family.

This prayer for wisdom is part of the Naija Housewives’ 30 days prayers for your family. You can find other prayers on our website.


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