You Shall Go To The Ball: Finding The Perfect Dress On A Budget

Many of us love the excuse to slip on a classy and sophisticated dress. Sadly, these kinds of dresses aren’t cheap. That said, you shouldn’t have to forgo that special event simply because you can’t afford a suitable gown. There are plenty of ways to dress classy on a budget – here are just a few ideas.


perfect dresses on a budget


Try second-hand shops


Second-hand stores are great places to find top-end dresses on the cheap. You’re unlikely to find anything in a thrift store – a consignment store is likely to have a more suited collection of top-end dresses. Also consider second-hand stores online and independent sellers. Make sure that multiple images are provided so that you can get a clear idea of the condition. Sites like Gumtree may allow you to pick up the dress in-person from the seller, allowing you to inspect it and possibly even try it on before buying.


Rent a dress


Some companies now allow you to rent luxury dresses. This may allow you to get a dress for a tenth of the retail value. Such companies make sure that each dress is professionally cleaned and maintained so that when you put it on it feels brand new. You may want to be careful of damaging the dress as you could be charged. You’ll also have to return the dress on time to avoid late fees.


Shop expensive, sell afterwards


Another option could be to simply splash out on a dress at full price and then sell it afterwards. This may allow you to shop for the best prom dresses and ball gowns and cocktail dresses around. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to sell the dress for the amount you bought it for, but you can still make some money back.


Borrow from a friend/family member


Got a friend or family member that’s the same dress size as you? Borrowing one of their dresses could be an option – providing you’ve both got the same taste. It’s possible an older sibling or friend may have clung onto their prom dress after only getting one use out of it. It could be in good condition and just right for the occasion. Many people don’t like the idea of wearing somebody else’s clothes, but it can be a cheap and effective method for those tight for cash.


Use what you already have


How many of us have clothes in our wardrobe that we’ve only worn once? People at the event may have already seen you wearing the dress, but you might be able to give it a unique twist simply by accessorising differently. A different coloured bag and shoes and perhaps a touch of unique jewellery could turn it into a different outfit entirely. Black and white dresses can be perfect for doing this with as they can be contrasted with any colour accessory bringing a whole new bold flavour to a person’s appearance.



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