Strike A Chord: Great Gifts For Music Lovers

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Know someone that’s an ardent music fan? Buying music-related gifts can be difficult in many cases, especially if you’re not sure what they already have. Here’s how to hit the right note when buying a musical gift for your loved one.


gifts for music lovers


Gifts for audiophiles


For those that care about sound quality, think carefully before buying a pair of headphones or a set of speakers. Check what they have already, and if they’re happy with the equipment they already have. From there you can start to use comparison sites such as What Hi-Fi to find the best quality speakers. Headphones and speakers can be pricey, so bear this in mind. Some sites sell coupons and vouchers that can give you a discount. Also target annual sales (e.g. the January Sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Father’s Day sales).


Gifts for record collectors


A record player can be the perfect gift for someone wanting to get into physical albums. For veteran vinyl collectors, finding gifts can be a little more difficult. If you’re not sure which records they may already have, opt for vinyl accessories instead such as cleaning kits, platter mats and record display frames. Colored Vinyl Records has a great range of such products to get ideas. Other accessories exist for those into CDs and cassettes.


Gifts for budding musicians


There are all manner of gifts that you can get for the beginner musician. If you’re buying an instrument, look for specific beginner models – you don’t need to be forking out on a top quality instrument just yet, especially if you’re not sure they’ll keep up the hobby. There are lots of accessories that you can then get on top such as guitar cases, piano stalls, tuners and microphones.


Buying such gifts gets harder when you start buying for more learned musicians. They may already have all the accessories and be picky when it comes to brands and models. Try to think more general when buying for such people and avoid complex tech and equipment. Services such as Nationwide Disc allow you to make copies of CDs, which could be a great gift for a musician wanting to make their passion a career. You could even buy them a couple hours’ studio time at a local recording studio.


Gifts for keen concert goers


Concert and festival tickets can be expensive and hard to get hold of, unless you’re buying for a small act or small local festival. Occassionally, you may be able to find last minute econd-hand tickets online for a cheaper rate, but there are lots of dodgy touts out there selling fake tickets to be wary of.


Instead, consider gifts that they can use whilst at a concert of festival. A good camera could be worth buying for someone that goes to lots of gigs for snapping pictures of their favourite bands and recording audio. For festival goers that like to camp it out, consider camping equipment that they may not have. Go Outdoors has lots of different types of festival camping gear to give your inspiration.



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