TEENS CORNER: Ways to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

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Teenage Pregnancy has become a major problem in our societies. In our local communities, young teenage girls below the age of 17 are already mothers. Some do not even know the fathers of their children.

Girls are the worst hit by the outcome of teenage pregnancy, apart from been ridiculed by the society, they are in most cases forced to drop out from school in order to cater for their young ones. The boy or man who impregnated her goes on with his life as though nothing happened.

The outcome of teenage pregnancy is endless, only few females with the help of their parents and family members bounce back and pursue their dreams. Parents have major roles to play when it comes to teenage pregnancy .

How many parents have sat their daughters down to discuss about sex? how may parents know what is going on in the lives of their teenagers? We think parenting is all about paying their fees and providing for them. Parenting goes far beyond that, it is been involved in every aspect of their lives. You should be the first person they run to for counsel.

Below are measures you need to put in place in order to prevent your teen from getting pregnant.

First and foremost, i would like to state that no matter how hard you try as a parent in protecting your teenage daughter from getting pregnant, if she wants to get pregnant nothing would stop her.  So do not beat yourself too hard if after all your efforts your teenage daughter gets pregnant or your teenage son gets a girl pregnant.

There are few ground rules, you just need to play and you leave the rest for God to handle

It is important that you educate them on the dangers and the risks involved in teenage pregnancies, start from when they are young to teach them these things , do not wait for when it is too late. Also encourage them to always put their education first before thinking of the opposite sex.

If they get pregnant, accept them and encourage them to have the child.


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