The Wedding Party: My Favourite Moments and Characters!

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My mother would say, “a good soup…na money kill am”, and the wedding party proves again that this age old proverb is true…lol!

the wedding party

Thanks to an amazing trailer, alot of advertisement, media awareness on blogs and online generally, I was seriously anticipating the Nigerian premiere of this movie. When it finally started showing in the cinema, I dragged my neighbour/friend to see it. I ended up seeing this movie three different times in the cinema! Is it the best nollywood movie I have ever seen? No. However it’s extremely relatable story and the fact that it’s appeal cuts across all age groups (A lot of my friends took their parents to the cinema to watch this) makes it one of the most appealing nollywood movies of recent times.

wedding dress
wedding dress


The Wedding Party

In The Wedding party, Dozie Onwuka, played by Banky Wellington and Dunni Coker played by Adesua Etomi, find love, and the movie chronicles the events that occur on their wedding day. The story has all the drama you would expect at your typical Nigerian wedding. A couple from different tribes with its antecedent problems. Mothers-in-law who hate each other’s guts. A virgin inexperienced bride. A randy playboy groom with his group of equally irresponsible friends. A wedding planner with a serious case of obsessive compulsive disorder. An ex-girlfriend/side-chic/mistress with an axe to grind. Throw in a ridiculous driver, a brother with a lot to prove, with the usual sprinkle of the guests from hell and  their shenanigans, and you have the recipe for your typical Nigerian society wedding. It’s a well told story, whose humour comes from the audience being able to identify with some of the challenges and situations the characters find themselves in. By the way, if you still haven’t seen The Wedding Party, please what are you waiting for? It is still showing in cinemas across Nigeria, so hurry up and watch it.


My Most Memorable Scenes and Characters

A lot has already been said about this movie, so I’m just going to write about my most memorable scenes and characters. Like 90% of people who have seen this movie, one of my best moments was the dance in by the bride’s parents, played by Alibaba Akporobome and Sola Sobowale, especially Sola Sobowale’s character Tinuade Coker. Maybe because I’m yoruba, but I could identify with the “pepper dem” dance! I also loved the scene between Iya Michael, the food vendor and Wonu, the wedding planner, when Iya Michael’s food had finished and she was about to leave the reception.

the wedding party movie

The scene where the “thief” holds some of the characters hostage, had me in stitches. I especially loved the moment when the father of the bride, Bamidele Coker confessed their true financial state to his wife and her reaction…it made me go “awww” and all mushy inside. Oh and lest I forget, the scenes of the driver played by Kunle Idowu aka Frank Donga was giggle worthy. A totally hilarious moment in the cinema for most of us, was seeing the way Chief Felix Onwuka saved his mistress’ name on his phone.

the wedding party Ireti Doyle

One of my favourite characters in this movie is crowd favourite, Tinuade Coker played by Sola Sobowale. I won’t go into too much details, because a lot has already been said about how she nailed this role. Another favourite is Ireti Doyle as Obianuju Onwuka. Gosh! She was everything in her role! A perfect foil to Sola Sobowale’s character. Ikechukwu Onunaku who plays the best man surprised me a lot in this movie. He was surprisingly good (my expectations were really low, same with my expectations of Banky Wellington, due to their little or no experience with a major role like this) In fact in my head, I wrote a sequel to this movie starring him and Somkele Iyamah-Idhalama, who plays the Chief bridesmaid. A special shout out to the woman who played the character of Iya Michael, the local food vendor. She completely killed her role! (in fact I’m convinced she’s a real food vendor…lol!) Honourable shout outs to Kunle Idowu and the thief played by Sambasa Nzeribe.

wedding party


So what was your favourite moments and characters in the movie, The Wedding Party? Kindly share them with me in the comments section.  




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