Weight Loss Tips for Nigerian Women

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This is the beginning of a new year and many people will be embarking on weight loss journeys. If this is one of your resolutions, it’s a commendable one. It’s also important for people with weights within the normal boundaries to maintain their weight.

As we mentioned earlier, obesity has many adverse health implications and reducing ones weight, reduces the risk of many chronic diseases.

As you start on this process, here are a few tips to guide you along the way. This is not an article on how to lose weight, but it’ll help you to make healthy decisions along the way.

  1. Weight is a balance of what one takes in (food) and what goes out (energy spent)
  2. Weight loss should be a planned process, shed weight that you will keep off and it should be gradual not sudden.
  3. There are many diets out there with claims of sudden reduction of weight gain and those that promote the use of only one food class e.g protein only diets. All these are not healthy. This is because; the body needs all the food classes to function optimally. You don’t want to lose weight and become susceptible to infections because of reduced immunity.
  4. Don’t skip meals to shed weight, the body will always compensate for missed meals. There are healthy options for all the food classes, and merely replacing your meals with healthier components will go a long way.
  5. Diet is good for weight loss, exercise is also important. Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be converted. Exercise helps you convert energy in your body. It can be incorporated into your daily activity. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise.
  6. It’s good to go for a medical check-up done before commencing your weight loss journey. People with already diagnosed medical conditions should also see their health care provider and nutritionist before starting any new diet.

All the best as you lose that weight…



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Dr. Gbemi Leigh

Dr. Gbemisola Leigh is a medical doctor with a passion to empower people with knowledge and skills to live a healthy life. She writes on health issues on her facebook page www.facebook.com/plainhealthtalk and blog, Plain Health Talk

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