Why December is the Best Month to START

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Hello dear readers,

Welcome to the month of December. It’s amazing to think that we are already on the last month of the year; so much happened this year and yet, it seems as though so little time has gone by. The Naija Housewives community has grown in leaps and bounds and is one of the most supportive communities for Nigerian wives everywhere.

The year 2014 has not been an easy one and yet, Nigerian women have shone and thrived in their different spots. Many businesses were started this year and new careers too. It’s easy to breathe a sigh of relief and say now that you’ve made it to December, it’s time to relax, but don’t do that. Roll up your sleeves and double your effort.

For those who had this long list of New Year Resolutions in January and are still on Item 1 on the list, don’t feel discouraged. The year is almost over, but guess what? It isn’t over yet. If you had this grand plan about losing multiple Kilograms by the end of the year and you are nowhere near your goal, don’t give up entirely. Readjust your goal; remember that it is a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. So maybe you originally started out with a desire to lose 20kg…why don’t you target 2 kg instead. Start eating right. Start taking walks. Start sleeping well. Start drinking more water. START. Don’t wait till January to come up with another long list of resolutions.

Whatever you would like to achieve, December is the best month to start taking steps towards that goal.

We wish you a prosperous and fulfilling DECEMBER.

We love you.


From all of us at NH hq.






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