9 Shoes Every Woman Should Have

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Women do love their shoes and this is rather obvious in the amount of shoes we own. Some of the shoes were bought after careful thoughts and considerations while others were bought on a whim. Even when it seems like our room is just bursting with shoes, its not enough, we simply want more.

You would most likely be going shoe shopping soon so we have put together a list of the kind of shoes that you should have. Instead of filling your shoe rack with a variation of the same kind of shoe, have one of each kind, that way you can have a shoe for every occasion. The next time you go shoe shopping, buy one of these shoes and add to your collection.


These are a must-have for everyone because we can’t wear heels all day every week. Sometimes your feet need to relax. These shoes are stylish yet comfortable and can be worn to most places.


Image source: Wonderwardrobe


Kitten heels

These are two-inch heels that are comfortable yet classy. They can be worn to meetings and interviews. A great way to look fashionably professional without hurting your feet.


Image source: Examiner

Pumps (Nude)

The beauty of nude is that it goes with almost anything. This pair of heels will come in handy when no shoe in your closet seems to match the outfit you picked out.


Image source: Wonderwardrobe

Any other basic color of pumps could come handy

Flat sandals

For those days you just want to look casual, maybe a trip to the beach or to visit a friend.


Image source: Misguided

High heels

You would definitely need a pair of high heels one day. It’s best to buy a variety – like heel sandals, covered pumps and any other type. It’s better than having just pumps and finding yourself in need of heeled sandals.


Image source: Pinterest



Image source: Aliexpress

Black ankle strapped heels

These heels are classy and add a nice touch to whatever outfit you have chosen. They pair well with dinner outfits.


Image source: Neimanmarcus


Thanks to the evolution of fashion, sneakers are no longer just for guys. There are countless gorgeous pairs out there with flashy colors. If you are a denim person, you should definitely have more than one pair of sneakers.


Image source: Aliexpress

Rubber shoes

For those rainy days. You definitely wouldn’t want to ruin your leather shoes.


Wedge heels

Wedges pair really well with maxi gowns or any other flowing outfit.


Image source: Aliexpress


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