2 Quick Alternatives to Tomato Stew

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Tomato stew is a staple in most Nigerian kitchens and thinking of alternatives to tomato stew is well…unthinkable. It is a tomato based sauce and can be made with either beef, goat, chicken or fish…whatever rocks your boat. If you have been by the Facebook page lately, you would have seen the discussion about the price of tomatoes in the market. The fact is tomatoes are not even available in the market and when you see them, they are unbelievably expensive. Someone on the Facebook page referred to them as gold, while another said tomatoes are the new cocaine – or something like that.
See the tomatoes I bought recently for N200



Regardless of what the price of tomatoes are in the market, we have to feed our families and we need alternatives to tomato stew that we can use for our beloved rice and other dishes. One of our NH members, Florence decided to help us out. Florence is a fitness and health guru 🙂 and runs a Whatsapp group for expectant moms who want to be fit and healthy in a balanced way. So on to her alternatives.


Florence’s Alternatives to Tomato Stew


Simple Egg Sauce


alternatives to tomato stew - egg sauce


*Excuse the portions*

Egg sauce with just about any veggie you can tolerate is a good substitute for tomatoe stew. You can add shrimps like I did o chopped chicken or chopped chicken or hot dog. I take mine with sweet potatoes or boiled yam/plantain.


Check wivestownhallconnection.com to get the recipe for egg and vegetable sauce.

Sweet and Sour Sauce


alternatives to tomato stew


You can use Chinese stir fry sauce for this one (you can buy from SPAR), and use with chopped bacon, chopped chicken, green and red bell pepper, and shrimp all thrown into a fry pan or wok with some olive oil (just a little). Next stir fry for about 5 – 7 minutes. Add the packets of stir fry sauce. Leave for another 5 minutes and your meal is set.


alternatives to tomato stew - sweet n sour sauce



Wow, thank you so much Florence for sharing your recipes for alternatives to tomato stew.

You can find Florence on her Whatsapp group – Pregnant, Healthy & Sassy. (+2347039373813 to join). She also blogs at Divas Anonymous.


Is this something you can work with? What are your alternatives to stew?




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