DAY 10: Pray for His Past

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Almighty God, I pray for my husband’s PAST. You are the only one who knows all he has gone through in this life. I pray that if there is anything in his past that is limiting his future and compromising his destiny, that you will turn it around. Any connection with his ancestors that is causing destruction in his life, I pray that you cut it totally. Let all he has experienced in life make him a stronger and better man.

There are men who act in ways that are inexplicable. They are decent men, but when it comes on them (whatever it is), they just change and become hard to recognize. The truth is, that man may be acting on influences that are beyond him.

Pray that God will deliver your husband from any ancestral curses or bad decision which has haunted his family for generations. Pray against spirits like divorce, abuse, alcoholism, financial ruin…things that might have plagued his family for generations.

A man can be suspicious of his wife, totally lacking in trust and even abusive and it will have nothing to do with her, but is as a result of his past experiences. Maybe he was abandoned as a child, or abused or whatever, but those things are now affecting your marriage.

Ask God to turn around the negative experiences in your husband’s past and turn them into positives.






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