Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce – Just Like Mama Makes It

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Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce is as good as the stuff your mama makes. Well, if your mama is South Asian.

I like to know about people who are working hard to reach their dreams. And, if there is one place that is a land of dreams, it’s the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter.

So the other day, I was going through different startups and came across Shruthi Bharathur’s Oye! Mirch. To be honest, just looking at the bright, vibrant pictures and my mouth started watering.

Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce, tomato
Tomato Chili

I have this thing about food that has a burst of different flavours. And, ethnic flavoured food is just the best. So yeah, I like food and I love cooking with a variety of herbs and spices. Like, ginger, mint and sometimes, turmeric.

But, I don’t think I can ever cook without chili. Here, we have different kinds of chili, but some of the best come from South Asia and South America. I guess the South is as spicy as her people.

Anyway, Shruthi decided to bring the ethnic goodness in a bottle and created Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce.

What is Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce About?

It’s Shruthi Bharathur’s creation. As a chef, Shruthi likes to come up with different types of food. She loves to experiment. Well, on this day, she needed a chili sauce for her kids and there was none. Somehow, she had forgotten to stock up on that.

Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce, mango
Mango Chili

As it turned out, her forgetfulness was our good fortune. Because, she decided to throw some stuff together in a bowl and came up with her own chili sauce. To her delight, her boys loved it!

As a mum, I know that there’s one way to know whether you have a hit or not. Just give it to the kids. Children are painfully honest so, if they don’t like what you cooked, you will know about it.

Seeing how much her children loved her hot sauce, she decided to make more of it. And, the demand grew.

Now, she has decided to put it in a bottle. That way, we can also have her ethnic delicacy at home.

Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce Flavours

For now, Shruthi and her team have three distinct Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce flavours. She makes each with spices, chili, condiments and a mix of ingredients. And, the ingredients are always fresh and local.

The three flavours are, tomato chili, mango chili and peanut chili. This is how she describes them:

  • Tomato Chili: A delicious mixture of a sauce that is great for grilled meats. You can use it on your hot wings or on vegan cauli. It is versatile and a great way to try out Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce.
  • Mango Chili: This chili is exactly what you want on your tacos. They are perfect for seafood or even salad dressing. If you like sweet and spicy then the mango chili is for you.
  • Peanut Chili: If you want an ethnic feel to your dishes, then the peanut chili is your best option. You can try it on your Asian food like, dumplings, egg rolls of Thai food.
Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce, peanut
Peanut Chili

Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce is the ultimate culinary experience for a foodie. And, we are not the only ones that think so either.

Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce on Kickstarter

Shruthi and her team launched a Kickstarter campaign on January 8, 2019. Their goal was to raise some funds so that they could make more bottles of Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce. By February 7, 2019, they raised over $12,000.

This is because many people were excited about their campaign. I mean, who wouldn’t love some ethnic goodness on their table? Beyond that, their pictures were super amazing! Also, the bottles looked appealing.

So, the packaging was right, but the contents also looked yummy. I would definitely love to get my hands on all three flavours of Oye! Mirch Hot Sauce.

Check them out on their site or on their kickstarter page.

We wish Shruthi and her team all the best!

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