DAY 14: Pray for His Business or Career

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I pray for my husbandโ€™s business (or career). I ask God that you will help him in his work, that he will find good success and fulfillment. Please keep him away from anything that will make him compromise his integrity and ruin his good name. Help him to prosper in all he does and to never forget that all he has comes from YOU.


When a man is not fulfilled in his work, it begins to tell on him and he can easily fall into depression. Pray that your husband will not get depressed. Ask God to give him fulfilment in his work.

Pray that he will not fall for any scam and that he will not do anything dirty simply because he wants to succeed. It is possible to be clean and to have success. It is possible for a man to not compromise and still prosper. Pray that God will make it so for your man.

For many men, the real test is when they have wealth; they then turn their backs on God and on their wives. Pray that your husband will not turn his back on God, but will always remember to depend on him even as he prospers. Pray that as he becomes wealthy, his love for you will increase and he will not look elsewhere for love.

A man is the natural provider in the home. If your man is not fulfilling this role, he is altering the natural state of things and you need to pray. Pray that the provider in your man will wake up with immediate effect and that he will live up to his responsibilities. Ask God to show him what he can do to provide for his family and grant him success.






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