What You Need in Your Hand Luggage When on Transit

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Getting stuck in the airport for several hours can be boring, especially when it is in another country and you can’t leave the airport. I have been stuck in transit for about 48 hours before. Twice. Trust me, it was not fun.


If you are planning to travel and you are going to spend a long time in transit, here are a few things you should have in your hand luggage.



Movies are a great way to pass time in an airport and with smart devices all around, carrying your movies with you is now so much easier. Simply download a few movies to your phone or tablet.



And no, you don’t need to buy the ones in the airport – they are usually highly priced. Instead buy what you need before you leave and stack it in your hand luggage. If you have an app that allows you to subscribe for magazines, you could use that instead.



Get lost in a tale of adventure or learn a new skill. Whatever your preference, a good book is always good company. You can go for a paper book although if you are short on space, a digital book will work just fine.


Some tips from Apartment Therapy include:

An Empty Water Bottle

You can’t take drinks through security, but you can bring an empty reusable water bottle and fill up at a drinking fountain. If space is an issue, try something slim like the Memobottle, above, or a foldable, rollable Vapur bottle.

Toiletries & Touch-Ups

Even if you pack your main products in your checked bag, consider packing a “satellite” toiletries kit in your carry-on to freshen yourself up between flights filled with things like skin-cleansing cloths, a hairbrush and some hair products, deodorant, lotion, moisturizer and some sample sizes of your go-to makeup.

Extra Clothes

Don’t check all your clothes. Leave a few things in a carry-on for maximum comfort.


I would add that you should have something warm, either a sweater or a shawl (pashmina). Most airports can be unbearably cold at night. Extra underwear will also help you feel clean and fresh in the morning.



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