Makeup Tips: Ways to Take Care of your Makeup Kits

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Our makeup kit is something we use virtually everyday and a lot of times a good number of us fail to remember to have them cleaned and properly aired.

Over the years, we use these kits without even discarding them until they wear off. By right, we are supposed to wash our makeup kits at least once in every two weeks or if possible once in a month.

These kits such as the brushes used to apply eye shadow, the foam used for foundation and so on, if not washed could cause rashes and irritations on our faces. It does not take so much time or money to have them cleaned rather it would take you so much money and time in treating the irritations when they occur.

By having our makeup kits cleaned, we are indirectly also taking care of our skin.

Below are easy and quick ways to take care of our makeup kits:

  1. There are makeup brush cleaners that are used for cleaning the brushes from time to time, eliminate residues.
  2. Do not wash your makeup kits in the toilet, this is because microorganisms are mostly found in the toilet, you should use a small bucket or bowl which has being thoroughly disinfected instead.
  3. For those who cannot afford the makeup brush cleaner, you can use a mild soap to wash the brushes.
  4. Have your foams soaked in a soapy water for about 15 to 30 minutes, before washing it.
  5. Rinse thoroughly.
  6. Air dry your foams in sun.
  7. For your eye pencils, ensure you have them sharpened at least once in a week, to eliminate bacteria on them.
  8. Have your mascara replaced every month.
  9. Ensure you wash the bags were you put your makeup at least once every month.
  10. Do not share kits such as eye pencils, eye brushes, foam with people.

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