3 Foods That Can Boost Your Confidence

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We have all had moments where we have doubted ourselves or felt a little beaten down and unhappy. Sometimes, these moods can be explained and sometimes they can’t. At times, it’s when we need our confidence the most, we feel ourselves at loss for it. That lack of confidence, the tiny voice in your head telling you you can’t do it gets in the way of progress. If you would like to shut that voice up and go out there and win, there are ways around it.

While there are drugs out there that could elevate your mood and boost your confidence, these drugs simply work by boosting your serotonin levels as people suffering from depression/lack of confidence usually have low levels of serotonin. Serotonin is a product of the biochemical conversion of amino acid tryptophan. So to feel a little happier and confident, take foods rich in amino acid tryptophan

Below are 3 foods that will boost your serotonin level;

Dark chocolate

The universe has provided us with one more reason to love dark chocolate. It contains endorphins that will make you feel shinier and happier. Dark chocolate reduces anxiety levels thereby boosting confidence.

When you need a dose of confidence, take a bite of dark chocolate


PS: It has to be dark chocolate. Just any chocolate will not work.

Oily fish

Generally, foods rich in omega 3 fatty acid can boost your serotonin level. Foods like sardine, tuna, nuts (peanuts, almonds, walnuts) will stabilize your mood and leave you a tad confident.



Fruits like bananas, mangoes, and grapefruits trigger the production of serotonin. Banana contains ingredients that improve brain activity and a healthy active brain is less likely to feel unhappy.




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