3 Ways Your Marriage is Like a Garden

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ways marriage is a garden

Welcome to the month of June. This is the month when gardens bloom and flowers sprout up everywhere. This is the month when the grass is green. How does this relate to you? A garden does not bloom unless it is carefully cultivated and your marriage is a garden. Here are 3 ways your marriage is like a garden and how you can grow your marriage to be beautiful.

You understand that there is a period for cultivation

If you had a garden, whether you plan to plant flowers or vegetables, you will need to cultivate the garden. You cannot just take a bare ground and put seeds into it and that is exactly what marriage is – bare ground. So many of us take precious seeds and throw on hard ground and when we don’t see the results we want, we become frustrated.

You need to understand that the first few years of marriage are years of cultivation. Those are the years when you till the ground of your marriage and believe me, it is hard work. You get to understand each other, discover what the other person likes and how to successfully relate with that person. So if your marriage is a bit rough in the first few years, understand that you are going through the cultivation period. You don’t abandon your plot of land just because you need to add some extra muscle to make the ground pleasant for yourself.

You realize that there will be weeds

Weeds are those unpleasant things you realize about each other. And trust me, you will see lots of those in your marriage. It is bad enough when you see the nasty habits or character defects in your husband, it is humbling when you discover that you are also riddled with them – if you are honest.

While you cannot really do much about your spouse’s weeds, you can do a lot about yours. Spend this time learning to be the best spouse you can be. Be ruthless with those weeds you discover inside of you. Don’t give up just because you notice some weeds in your garden. Pull out what you can and isolate those you can’t pull out.

You know that it needs your care and attention

Every garden needs daily care and attention. If you ignore your garden for one day, your plants will either wither or those weeds will take over. Are you giving the same care and attention to your marriage? Love and nurture your marriage. You need to be careful so that you do not pull the plants along with the weeds.

As we enter the garden month, focus on ways you can cultivate and nurture your marriage. Do not be so quick to give up on your garden. When it flowers, you will love how beautiful it will be.


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