Talking Sex With Your Children: Yes or NO?

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Nigerian parents are generally conservative and they feel like speaking about sex is a taboo. So we have young people who grow up knowing next to nothing about their bodies (or sex) and what they do know, they learn from their peers. If your child gets to hear about sex, would you not rather she heard it from you? No matter how careful you are, you cannot protect your child from outside influences. So children as young as 5 years get exposed to different funny things.

We put up a post about sex education on the NH Facebook page and got a lot of mixed reactions. While so many were grateful for the advice, we had many others attacking us about talking to children about their bodies. We were told that instead, children should be taught about God.

Talking to a child about God is very important. But since it is God who made our bodies, why should they be treated as taboos? I heard of a situation where a little girl was being molested by her Sunday School teacher (yes, in Church). Each time she needed to use the toilet, he would take her and touch her private parts. It is a real story, told by the little girl’s aunt. Because she had not been taught the correct way to call her privates, she tried to tell her dad, but he just did not get it. It was not until her mum returned from her trip that the truth was found out.

How many other children are being silently molested by perverts in the form of teachers, uncles and aunties? They can’t speak up because they have been taught that talking about their bodies and (heaven forbid), their private parts is the worst sin they can commit.

We need to wake up.

We have a responsibility to these children and if you fail in yours because of stupid ignorance, you will answer to God.

You can read the post we put on the site below:

Hello everyone, let’s talk about sex. Actually, we want YOU to talk about sex…with your children. From Age 3 begin to tell them about their privates: the buttocks, vagina, penis and chest area. Let them know these parts are private and they should not let anyone else touch it. But don’t make such talks formal. Don’t sit your daughter down and then go…Okay..let us talk. Instead, work it into your conversations…when you bathe them or if you’re watching TV together. Just mention it. Make sure you talk about this at least ONCE a week, every week. I told my daughter that if anyone tries to touch her privates, she should slap the person or bite the person and then scream. Yes, because there are too many perverts out there and you can’t always be with your children. Also, and this is IMPORTANT, let your children get used to discussing stuff like this with you. Let them be free with you so that if anything at all goes wrong, they can come and tell you. That can only happen if you spend time with them and engage them in ‘gist’.

Remember to spend quality time with your kids.



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