All-Natural Acne Cures That Won’t Leave A Scar

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59% of Nigerian boys and girls struggle with some form of acne, and that can follow you into adulthood – so if you find yourself staring at blackheads in the mirror every day, don’t worry – you’re not alone. While there are hundreds of anti-acne creams, serums, cleansers, and face masks on the market, those can be made with artificial ingredients which can leave your skin without essential nutrients. A better alternative is to either look for all-natural products, or make your own cures with produce from your local grocery store, like oatmeal, brown sugar, or honey. Below are a few anti-acne cures you can make with just a few ingredients.

natural acne cures
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Soothing Turmeric Face Mask

Ground turmeric has been used both as an ingredient in food and a topical treatment for acne, inflammation, and other skin problems for centuries in India. While its color can be intimidating – it’s known for staining fabrics – it won’t stain your skin, so you don’t need to worry! It’s an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-acne agent, and you can make a turmeric face mask really easily. All you need to do is mix a small quantity of turmeric with enough raw honey – or even water – to make a thick mixture that will easily stick to your face. If acne is a repeating problem, or even if you have boils, applying this mixture will help soothe and drain the excess oils from your skin.

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natural acne cure - honey

Raw Honey Cleanser

Honey is used in a variety of natural haircare and skincare products because it’s both naturally moisturising and antiseptic (which means it prevents harmful bacteria from growing where it’s applied). For that reason it can work as part of an acne cure – although you’ll probably want to mix it with a more heavy-duty acne cleanser, like turmeric, to absorb the excess oils.

Honey ensures that you don’t dry out your skin and force it to start over-producing oil – a common cause of acne – but be careful! If you’re going to apply honey to your skin, you need to stay away from processed honeys and instead use raw, natural honey. Processed honey contains preservatives that could further irritate your skin, so make sure you don’t use that. To apply raw honey, you can either use the turmeric mix, or just apply it directly to your skin after you wash it with soap. If you’re looking for a gentle natural moisturiser, honey is a great start – and so is avocado.


Gentle Avocado Moisturiser

Avocados are among the world’s most well-known superfoods, used in pasta, omelettes, on toast, or even just sliced in a salad. On top of its nutritional benefits, though, avocado is great for both skincare and hair care. If you have dry, flaky, or inflamed skin, avocado is a gentle, soothing natural moisturiser. Using an avocado face mask, either made with only mashed avocado or adding a little olive oil, once a week can help even your skin and make it less prone to bouts of psoriasis or dryness. You can also use avocado as a pre-wash hair treatment, if your scalp is prone to dryness.

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Avocado, honey, and turmeric are great anti-acne agents that you can get from your local grocery store, but they’re by no means the only natural products you can use to look after your skin. Mixing natural ingredients is great, cheap, and much more environmentally friendly than traditional skincare products – so let your skin take a break from artificial chemical compounds and return to nature.



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