Definitive Guide to Using Avocado for Natural Hair

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Avocado has long been an edible fruit for centuries, providing nourishment as well as essential nutrients in the body. This fruit has lots of benefits, including a high folate content, and recently, hair growth and skin moisturizing!




I suffered terriblely with hiar breakage thanks to my permed hair. I later realized that it was as a result of relaxers and other chemical infused hair products which were not good for either my hair nr scalp. So I cut my hair low and began growing my natural hair.


What does this have to do with Avocados?

Well, there was this particular day that I bought some avocadoes for my husband, who likes them a lot as he claims they help weight loss and high performance under the sheets …. if you get my meaning … (rolling my eyes at this claim).

So anyway, my cousin came around, and while all the yapping and giggling was going on, she opened my fridge and practically screamed in delight at the avocadoes she found. I prodded further and she confessed that she used them for her hair, which by the way is long, bouncy and totally natural.

This discovery about avocado led me to others, which I would love to share with you!


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Avocado’s Amazing Benefits

Avocado is one of nature’s blessings, but what are some of its benefits to our curls, kinks and locks?


Avocado as hair strengthener…

It contains oils that are rich in proteins, which are made up of amino acids as well as Vitamin B6. This is an essential vitamin for hair health. Avodado also has good fat as well as Vitamins E and D…they make hair stronger, prevent breakage and hair loss and best of all, they leave the hair soft and shiny.


A good moisturizer…

It’s no secret that natural hair thrives in a moist environment, this is another positive factor of the fruit. As a curly haired girl you most likely would have difficulty combing out your hair, styling it is another tug o’ war, which may be as a result of dryness or tangling!!

Our hair is naturally prone to dryness because the natural oils produced by the scalp, (sebum) takes long to travel down the length of our strands, for this reason we experience brittleness and breakage, thus requiring help to add moisture in our hair…

Avocado and avocado rich products can give our hair just the moisturizing it needs.


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Here are five benefits of Avocado

• As an excellent hair mask to increase moisture
• For the treatment and prevention of frizz and dryness
• Revitalizing the scalp
• Dandruff treatment
• Prevents hair loss and improves growth.


1. As a Hair mask:

Due to its high oil content, which keeps the hair less dry, as well as the richness in nutrients, it promotes optimal growth and healthy hair. When you leave the mask on, you are replenish any weak spots that may have been caused during braiding, twists etc.

2. Treament of frizz:

The nutrients contained in avocado help to tame dry, brittle, damaged and frizzy hair. The use of avocado regularly or weekly as a pre-poo before using your shampoo, will help remove frizz and with time leave you with a sleek look after wash.

3. Reviatalize the scalp:

As mentioned earlier, the amino acid content will penetrate the scalp in order to improve the overall condition of the scalp. It helps the scalp stay nourished and assists in healing of most scalp conditions, including dandruff.


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4. Dandruff treatment:

Some parts of avocado usually the seed are ground into powder and when applied as a paste, could actually halt dandruff in its tracks!

5. Prevention of hair loss / Promotes growth:

Because of its dense Vitamin B and E properties, avocado contributes to have faster, voluminous and healthier hair growth while protecting and strengthening as well as balancing the hair from a deeper cellular level.


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Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash


Now let’s look at 3 ways to use avocado mask on Natural hair as moisturizers.


Avocado and Egg Hair Mask Moisturizer:

This is an easy method which ingredients include
i. 1/2 Avocado
ii. 1 Egg
iii. 1 tbsp. Olive (extra virgin) oil


Scrape out the flesh from a ½ avocado and blend till smooth and lump free.

Next, you crack the egg and add 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.

Blend the mixture till you get a smooth and thick consistency. Transfer contents to a clean bowl and apply on wet hair clean hair, best to use a non sulphate containing shampoo.

Apply a generous amount to your scalp, massage so hair mask gets into scalp. Tie up your hair in a loose bun and you can wash off after 5 minutes with cold or tepid water, avoid hot or warm water as it may leave hair smelly from the egg or leave half cooked egg on hair…hmmn…. and that would be something else to wash off not to talk of embarrassing.



Avocado Treatment for Damaged Hair:

For this method you would require
i.1 ripe medium sized avocado
ii. 2 tbsp. Coconut oil
iii. Shower cap


In a bowl mash or blend avocado until smooth.

Add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and mix thoroughly.

Aapply mixture on hair and scalp and focus on the tips of your hair as they are the oldest and likely damaged of the strands. Cover with a shower cap for 30minutes, then wash off with cool water and shampoo. Finish with a conditioner for natural hair, allow hair to air dry.

Do this as often as twice a week for maximum results.


Avocado and Yoghurt Hair Mask.:

You will need:
i.1 cup yoghurt
ii. ½ ripe medium sided avocado
iii. 2 tbsp. olive oil
iv. 1tbsp honey
v. Shower cap.


Mash or blend avocado till smooth then mix all the other ingredients in a bowl alongside the avocado.

Mix thoroughly and apply to scalp, working it deeply by massaging well into stands.

Cover with a shower cap and carry for 20 minutes then wash off with tepid/ cool water shampoo and conditioner, squeeze off excess water and towel dry. Let your hair air dry, you can do this weekly too!

IT SHOULD BE NOTED THAT HAIR LOSS may result from deficiency in vital vitamins and nutrients in our diets. Vitamin B and E are essential vitamins that are contained in avocado, harnessing this fruit will with time, produce long tresses and healthy locks…go give your hair a treat gurl!!!


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