Fabulous Natural Hairstyles for Work

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Can you wear your natural hair to work? What natural hairstyles can professionals wear? This is really a good question without an easy answer. While natural hair is becoming mainstream globally and in Africa, there is still some measure of reserve when it comes to the workplace.

If you work in a traditional setting, like a lawyer’s office or a really corporate office, then you need to pick natural hairstyles that are conservative. Natural hair is beautiful and we are huge fans. We do not believe that there are situations or places where the hair God gave you is unacceptable or indecent, as some people try to make out. It is just a matter of picking the right styles.

Since this is  problem most of us with natural hair face, we went to Pinterest to get inspiration for natural hairstyles that your boss won’t raise eyebrows at.


Natural Hairstyles you can try




This is a simple tuck and roll hairstyle and it is perfect for mid-length hair. You will need lots of pins for this but it’s really pretty and you can walk into any office or corporate setting with this.




This is so pretty and she looks like a Greek goddess. It’s a simple twist around the head, tucked in with pins. A little water based gel will help the hairstyle to hold and keep it tidy.




This is a sort of twist with a bun. You partition your hair into three, twist the two parts in front and bring them to the back, then hold it in a bun. It’s simple, elegant and work ready. If you have loc and twist, you should use that for the twist part to give it a longer life.



natural hairstyles flat-twist

This is a simple flat twist. Not great for short hair, but awesome for mid to long hair. It works best when you’ve just loosened your twist that is, a twist out.



natural hairstyles updo

This is really gorgeous and is actually our favourite to-go of the natural hairstyles. It’s a simple updo so just pin up your hair and you’re good to go..



natural hairstyles updo

This is for our long hair naturalistas and is so elegant. It is not just perfect for work, but also for formal Dos. Weddings, Cocktails…this is a great style to rock.



natural hairstyles

This wonderful collage is mostly for our short hair naturalistas. They are fun, stylish and can work in any office. (Get it :D)


Pinterest is a fantastic resource for almost anything. Well, at least for natural hair and if you want to get more professional natural hairstyles, visit this link.




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