Find Your Own Fashion Sense

For many people, fashion (and fashion sense) is all about trying to impress. They wear things that are expensive, they frequently spend ludicrous amounts of money on certain accessories or garments and they try to justify it with the word “exclusivity”.


One thing’s for certain; fashion isn’t about the money you spend. In fact, fashion isn’t even about the type of clothes you wear. What fashion is really about is expression and defining who you are. Think of it this way; are you happy when you wear your clothes and look in the mirror? Do you feel like you’re wearing something that suits your personality, or do you think you’re just trying to mimic a celebrity outfit that you saw in the latest gossip magazine?


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Find Your Own Interests


There are thousands of different clothing labels out there and they all specialise in different things. Some brands make great jeans, others use designs from famous comic book characters, and some clothing labels have an emphasis on sport. No matter what type of interests you have, there’s probably some kind of clothing label that you can purchase from if you want to express those interests. However, if you want to remain ambiguous in your interests and wear clothes that suit pretty much any purpose, then it’s absolutely fine to do that as well.


The point is; the clothing you wear is like an outer layer of your appearance. If you wear a suit, you’re automatically seen as smart, intelligent and doing something serious. If you wear pyjamas, then you’re probably getting ready for bed or it’s your day off and you just want to lounge. The type of clothing we wear has an effect on ourselves but also the people around us, so if you surround yourself with clothing that is relevant to your interests, then you are far more likely to be positive and enjoy fashion for what it is and not for exclusive brands that charge over $1,000 for a shirt.


How to Discover Your Fashion Sense


One of the most enjoyable things about fashion is browsing. Seeing some garments or accessories and imagining yourself wearing them is fun, and with so much choice on offer all over the world, you’ll be able to pick the right clothes for your personal style.


If you want to express yourself through your clothing, then look at thrift stores and browse online for your fashion needs. Thrift stores usually have a huge array of wonderful clothing that could suit any style, and it’s usually incredibly cheap. On the other hand, buying online gives you access to a world of fashion. With the internet, you can mix and match fashions from all different countries to create something that is truly unique to you and expressive.


Discovering your own fashion sense takes a bit of experimentation, but once you’ve found it, you’ll find that you are far more comfortable wearing the clothes you do, and you’ll also save plenty of money because you aren’t buying from expensive mainstream clothing labels that charge ludicrous amounts of money for basic garments.


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