Home Office Inspiration: 12 Beautiful Ideas

For many of us who work from home, what this means is that the dining table becomes our work space and home office. When I work from home, that’s my go-to spot. With little children who are growing up very fast, I made a conscious decision to spend more time around the home. Thankfully, that’s a luxury I enjoy.

Lately though, I thought about converting the extra room to a home office. My operation is getting larger and I need to be able to keep track of everything, in a space I know is sacrosanct to me. At least, that’s the idea any way. Hopefully, the rest of the family will get in on the program.

For home office inspiration, I decided to do an extensive research (read: Pinterest). It is amazing what you will find when you take the time to actually LOOK. Using Pinterest, I was able to coordinate my thoughts and a clear picture quickly formed of what appeals to me.

I decided to share some of the treasures I found. If you are trying to put an office together at home, some of these ideas will spark your creative juices. These will appeal mostly to females, but not to worry, we’ll put something for the menfolk soon.


Home Office Ideas


We found this one at Polished Habitat. The writer (who also owns the blog) is a designer and she created this beautiful office right in her home. It looks serene, comfortable and definitely inspiring.


Home office idea from polished habitat


The next one is simple, beautiful and totally feminine; it was created by blogger, Chermaine and she shared a little house tour on her blog, which included this beautiful room. Notice the pink accents from the ottoman and her laptop? Really nice.

home office inspiration


Here are some more ideas for your home office


home office idea white

Source: pellmellcreations.com


home office two chairs

Absolutely adorable room from DIY Mama Blog.


beautiful white home office

Source: abduzeedo.com


lovely personal space
Source: @thisbeautyblog on Instagram



lovely home office orange and white
Source: @monicadeco on Instagram


If you want to use your spare room as a guest room and office, this picture below should give you inspiration.

guest room home office


ultra feminine home office
Source: decoholic.com


I fell in love with this rustic office from decoholic.com. The use of greenery is just lovely.

green rustic feminine office


If you don’t have an entire room, you can create a nook for yourself using a different colour or texture.


home office tan

Source: blogvivisdesign


home office nook

Source: architectureartdesigns.com


Which of these would you consider trying?




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