Summer 2017 Makeup Trends You Can’t Ignore

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Summer is just around the corner, and this means new beauty trends for us all to embrace and enjoy. This is a season that has long been about glowing skin and playful use of colour, yet every year beauty experts and trendsetters across the world find a way to reinvent the summer look. Below, we are going to take a look at the hottest summer 2017 makeup trends you simply cannot ignore.


summer makeup trends



Rosy glow

We all love a beauty hack, so let’s kick our top trends off with one: apply lipstick to your cheeks for a gorgeous, rosy glow. This youthful and vibrant trend is one you will be working all summer.


Unexpected colour

How colourful do you dare to go? Unexpected use of colour is one of the most striking and exciting trends this year. Throw away the rulebook because anything goes. Yes, anything! If you saw the yellow eyebrows rocked at the Gucci show, you will know exactly what we are referring too. While colourful eyebrows may be a step too far for most, go for a bright shade of eyeliner or an unexpected lipstick choice, such as blue.


lipstick and lip trends


Glitter lips

Who doesn’t love glitter? It’s going to be everywhere this summer. We’ve already seen it on some of our favourite celebs, such as Gigi Hadid, and it’s also been used on the ladies posing in Britain’s Next Top Model. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us! Glitter lips are the easiest way to achieve the perfect summer glam look. Team with some Velour lashes and black eyeliner, and you are good to go.


No makeup

The no makeup movement isn’t exactly new; Alicia Keys has been flying the flag for quite a while now. However, no makeup doesn’t literally have to mean no makeup; it’s all about minimalistic beauty and making it appear like you aren’t wearing any. This trend is definitely only going to get stronger and stronger during the warmer months, but if you are worried about wearing minimal makeup due to bad skin, take a look at our tips on getting rid of acne.


An ode to the 80s 

You have no doubt noticed the bright ‘look at me lids’ that have taken over the fashion world as of late. This is just one way the beauty industry is paying homage to the eighties. Embrace the era this summer.


makeup trends summer 2017


Smudgy eye

No, not the smokey eye, the smudgy eye! The classic go-to eye has been given a makeover of its own. Achieve a late night, early morning feel with this sultry look. Not only does it look good, but you don’t need to worry about creating the perfect neat line with your eyeliner – win, win.


From glitter lips to rosy cheeks, hopefully, you now have some inspiration for your summer makeup. The trends this year are all about having fun, breaking out of the mould, and not worrying if your makeup isn’t applied to perfection. We can’t wait to start experimenting!


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