Left Over Makeover

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In Northern America this weekend, Thanksgiving will be underway. This celebration is typically associated with large spreads of food, tonnes of family and friends wining and dining and expressing gratitude for life. Do you know what else is associated with this festivity? LEFTOVERS! A lot of leftovers! Let’s face it with huge turkeys, massive corn breads, oodles of gravy and pumpkin pie and everything else in between, it is an inevitable outcome.

The good news is that it makes meal preparations over the following days a cinch. We may not celebrate Thanksgiving in Nigeria but tips on repurposing left over food are always useful.

If you have some boiled white rice in the fridge, guess what? You could have some really delicious stir friend rice in minutes! Cold rice is perfect for fired rice and yields perfectly delicious results. Just chop up your vegetables, season and toss in the rice ensuring that you heat it through. If you have some left over cooked chicken (or turkey) toss it in as well.

 Left Over Makeover


You could stuff peppers with leftover rice as well for a delicious quick meal.

You could stuff peppers with leftover rice as well for a delicious quick meal.

Remember the saying, “Waste not, want not”, well reusing left overs ensures not only that good food does not go to waste but that you can have tasty quick meals without hat hassle of prepping the food from scratch.

Using leftovers also allows you to get really creative in the kitchen, so go ahead and mix and match those flavours and textures.

Visit http://foodandfashionfusion.wordpress.com/2012/04/06/extreme-leftover-makeover/ for some inspiration on how to use left over’s to create new meals.


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