Real Women Are Not Sexy

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[media-credit name=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”612″]indr5[/media-credit]The complete quote is, “Real women are not sexy, they are beautiful!” and it was written in response to someone who was wondering why married women dressed scandalously. This was contained in today’s Guardian News Website. This was the question:

“I AM worried the way some married women dress these days. It is really giving me concern on why some of them dress like harlots. I have asked questions and I doubt if the answers I got are reasonable enough for a married woman with kids to wear a very short gown and be exposing their breasts anyhow without shame. Some of the reasons I learnt were that their husbands look at other ladies who dress that way, some say that is what they have, some say that is the way they want it.

These reasons to me are not justifiable. Remember your/our body is the temple of God.

If the first is your reason, why not dress that way inside your house and not when you are attending a function where every other person dressed sensibly or when you are going to church to worship God. Have you prayed for your husband to change, because it is only the spirit of God can change him. If your reason was the second, what matters is that you keep the few you have clean or you wear a camisole or tube inside rather than spreading your sagged breast in the name of push up. If the later is your reason who says you cannot dress decently.

Ladies, let us cherish and protect the beauty God endowed us with. You can wear strapless gown/tops, without showing your breasts, you can dress in short skirts but not exposing your inner wears.

Women let me tell you, I have also heard some men whose response were, “don’t mind her, does she listen to me, cant you see I don’t go out with her often these days”. At a function, a young guy(unmarried) even referred to a particular married woman as gush!, madness! when she passed by and I was ashamed because an Igbo adage says “nwanne onye na agba ajo egwu, oko iku ana ako ya” ( when your relative is misbehaving, you are ashamed). The amazing thing is that most of them step out with their husband neatly and nicely dressed.

Always ask your husband if you are okay after dressing up or look at the mirror and tell your self the truth about what you are wearing. Please, married ladies for the sake of God, your children and the entire humanity, let modesty and decency be a watch word when dressing. God bless you.”


It was in reply to this that Amara writes: real women are not sexy, they are beautiful! Beingbeautiful means you have the feminine glory and true beauty of a woman. When you are sexy, you are just viewed as a sex object.

She writes a lot more and it’s totally thought-provoking. Read the rest here.

What are your thoughts about married women who go out in public with their cleavage exposed or in really short clothes? Is it okay as long as they are comfortable with it or is it a total NO? Share your thoughts.






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