Where to Buy the Best Engagement Rings

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We are gradually heading into peak wedding season and if those glances your partner has been giving you that look like meaningful looks…? Yes, they are absolutely meaningful looks. It means that it is probably time for you to start thinking engagement rings or at least, get inspiration by browsing sites like diamore.be for choice sparkling diamonds. They have their base of operations in the diamond capital of the world, Antwerp, so you are in great hands.

But don’t take our word for it, go see for yourself. And if you want to look around at some other places, that’s fine too. As a matter of fact, we have collated some of the best places to buy engagement rings online. Read and enjoy, and let us know if you are planning a wedding soon.

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Blue Nile

The Blue Nile made it to this list primarily because it is the largest online retailer of diamond-encrusted jewelry. Being the largest also means that it has an established reputation to protect. This can also mean that you are sure to acquire a genuine diamond engagement ring for your hard-earned cash. As the largest online retailer of diamond jewelry, you’ll have a wide selection for loose diamonds. Note, however, that this seller does not have that many choices when it comes to intricate and designer settings. This online retailer caters best to United Kingdom and European clients.

James Allen

There’s nothing like seeing and experiencing the actual diamond engagement ring, and such is not possible when buying it online. James Allen offers you the next best thing with dedicated, high-definition 360-degree videos for each of its loose diamond offerings on its website. You can examine each of the diamonds as thoroughly as possible, next only perhaps to seeing them in person. It also has a “Design Your Own Engagement Ring” feature where you get to choose styles and settings for your hardware.

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This online retailer is best for those who are very particular with their diamonds. It has a selection of diamonds in what they call “A Cut Above” category, where they give the stone the best possible cut for maximum fire. The website also has Idealsope and ASET images for their diamonds to give you an idea of how much fire each of their diamond offerings emit. Note, however, that this website only offers round and princess diamond cuts.

Brian Gavin

For more choices when it comes to diamond cuts, this is the website for you. Brian Gavin, or BGD to its loyal customers, offers its rocks in round, princess, emerald and cushion cuts. Some contend that it is the best place to purchase super ideal cuts. This brand is also popular for the quality of their diamonds, as well as their artisanship when it comes to cutting and setting their rocks on engagement and wedding hardware. BGD also offers free international shipping with full insurance and lifetime warranties.

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Leibish & Co.

If you want to make you and your partner’s engagement rings truly unique, you may want to have it set with fancy color diamonds. Leibish & Co. is one of the best places online where you can purchase genuine fancy color rocks for your rings. Among your choices in diamond color include pink, yellow, argyle and champagne, which you can have their artisans set in several design options that they offer. Like the previous entry, they also offer free insured international deliveries.

Once you are ready to take those first steps toward marriage, it is a good idea to have a set strict budget for the purchase. This way, you will be less likely to put yourself in a bind to acquire a pair of rings that is beyond what you can afford. Make sure to look at designs and prices as there may be other sites offering similar pairs of engagement rings at lower prices.


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