DAY 18: Ask God to Give Him Favour

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Dear God I ask that my husband will find favour before you. For you give success, and you are the source of all life. Please let him find favour before you. Let every eye that looks at him see him with favour. Make his enemies favour him. I pray that everything will work in his favour.


We prayed for success yesterday and one of the greatest components of success is incredible favour. A man can work hard but if he does not find favour before God it will not amount to anything. Pray that your husband will find favour before God.

Pray that things other people strive and struggle for will come easily to your man; that when he enters an office to look for something, he will immediately find favour. Pray that his bosses will look on him with supernatural favour.

Favour means getting what you do not deserve. Pray that through your husband, your family will experience constant favour from God. If your husband has been experiencing consistent bad luck before now, ask that by this payer God will turn it around. People will look at your husband and know that he is highly favoured of God.






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