Product Review: Profective Mega Growth No–Lye Relaxer

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Some time last year i noticed my hair changing color, from black to brown and i was advised by my hair stylist to change my relaxer. Thank God i heeded to her advice. I started using Profective Mega Growth No–Lye Relaxer and within 6 months i noticed changes.

The Profective Mega Growth No–Lye Relaxer is enriched with strengthening proteins, vitamins and nutrients such as olive, shea, coconut, avocado and argan to provide advanced strength and protection

It enhances enhances elasticity and increases the strength of relaxed hair by up to 100%. It defends the hair against breakage, split-ends and dryness.

The Profective Mega Growth No–Lye Relaxer can be bought in departmental and cosmetics shops, a pack contains 7 sachets inside and it costs 2000.

I recommend this relaxer for every lady suffering from hair breakage because it works like magic. This relaxer has changed the color of my hair to dark black, my hair is now healthy and no longer breaks.

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