Simple Tips to Help You Wean Your Baby

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For every baby there is a time to be breastfed and a time to wean. Weaning is a gradual process whereby a baby is introduced to adult diet, for some kids getting them off breast milk can be a very difficult task while for others it is easy. Most times mothers wean their kids because they want to go back or start working or because they see the need for the baby to stop breast milk. Breast milk supplies lots of nutrients to the baby, so when trying to wean, give the baby food rich in nutrients.

For most toddlers breastfeeding is not necessarily about food but it is more of security and comfort, one of the reasons weaning becomes a difficult task.

Trust Nigerians and fallacies, some believe rubbing bitter leaf on the breast on the breast stops or would stop the child from wanting to be breast fed. They believe when you baby tries sucking it would be too bitter and they won’t want to suck again. Very funny, right? While it might have worked for some mothers, it certainly didn’t work for all. Some kids are just too difficult to wean.

Below are a few tips on how to wean your toddler off breast milk:

Weaning tips

One of the best ways to start weaning a toddler is by gradually introducing alternative foods to your toddler.

Make a decision:

You cannot successfully wean your baby if you have not made a decision to, like I said earlier on, weaning is not an easy task, most times the baby would cry for breast milk and can even go as far as creating tantrums, but you need to be firm on your decision. Going all soft will hinder the success of your weaning process.

Create replacements:

It is not wise to completely and immediately shut your baby out from breast feeding; you need to have a plan B so to say. Children love colorful and sweet things, introduce that to their diet and watch them stop breast feeding.

Get people involved:

Weaning is not a task for only mothers, you can also involve members of your family, dropping the baby at your parents place is a good step to take in weaning your baby. Try arranging with your partner or someone else to help in feeding the baby.

Occasional outings can also be introduced so your baby is busy and distracted to think about breast milk.

Do not be surprised or discouraged when your toddler starts acting cranky during the weaning process. The weaning process can be stretched for a period of time or can be completed in a space of one month. Remember how long it takes to wean is up to you and it is a big transition for both of you.





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