5 Fitness Goals You Can Easily Make Today

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In 2016, on my part, I have decided to take fitness very seriously and in this article I encourage us all to. There are two main reasons for me and those are to look better and feel stronger/better. Whatever your reasons, here are 5 fitness goals you can easily make today.

Walking twice a week:

I chose to start with simplest one. You can decide to walk to various places instead of going by car or bus. Walking I mean here though (in addition to that one above) is to consciously set out a time, maybe twice a week to walk briskly to one end then back.

It is one exercise that helps you lose weight and also tones your tummy, legs and your bum. It is one that you can easily decide to do.

Jogging once a week:

For this you need to send out a time and route. It would be good if you can jog at least once a week. There are uncommon benefits of jogging like preventing hypertension and building your bones. If you think of this alone, then it is incentive enough to start today.

5 Fitness Goals You Can Easily Make Today

Swimming once a week:

This for me is one of the most enjoyable exercises. Swimming gives your whole body a good workout. You won’t even notice that as you have such buoyancy in the water that you do not feel it. It also helps you in maintaining your weight and keeping your heart and lungs healthy.

Cycling once a week:

I never learnt to ride a bike! Surprising to some, I know. For those of you who can, this is another good way to be fit this year. It is a good cardiovascular exercise and increases your flexibility. Try and cycle every weekend and it will do you good.

Zumba once a week:

I am ending with the most fun fitness workout ever. It is a dance exercise that helps you burn calories and gives you a full body workout. The music will get you wanting to move and the CD’s are available for you to get and use in the comfort of your home.

Making it happen

  • Give a time frame and make it measurable. For eg. I want to lose 5kg by 10th March 2016. So you now see how many times you will have to jog or cycle or if you need to do two or three of these suggestions every week to achieve this.
  • Schedule your workouts for the same time any time you are doing any of these. This helps you keep the appointment you have with yourself.
  • Put it down on paper, probably in a journal. This helps send a message to your brain. It is also a good idea to document your daily workouts so you can see your progress.
  • Have a fitness buddy. It helps with commitment and accountability. In short, it is more fun (for zumba it would be nice to be about four doing it).
  • Stay motivated. Picture the new you, think about the health benefits and stay focused.

I urge you to choose two of these you will do every week and watch what happens.




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